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Yoga Retreats | Turan Hill Lounge

Yoga Retreats

Our yoga platform is situated inside the forest offering 100m2 of yoga space; having a rain-proof top cover. The ideal periods to run or join yoga retreats are between April - late June and mid September - late October since the valley is not busy and the weather is not so hot then.
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Daily Yoga Activities and Massage | Turan Hill Lounge

Daily Yoga Activities and Massage

You can join in Gokhan Inan's creative and dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes based on Mindfulness. He offers morning and afternoon sessions in our large yoga platform situated inside the forest. Deep Tissue Massage, that Gokhan Inan also gives at Turan Hill Lounge is specially relaxing for connectiv...
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The Fairyland Waterfall | Turan Hill Lounge

The Fairyland Waterfall

The walk to the waterfall is an unforgettable journey offering a visual feast of a vast variation of plantations, rock formations and butterflies. You won't fail to notice the gigantic Zakkum and Sandal trees.
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Sail to Your Freedom | Turan Hill Lounge

Sail to Your Freedom

Whenever there is a request, we organize boat trips with the little boats of the fishermen. By boat, you can go to Cennet (Paradise) Beach where the sea is glossy blue and the sand is golden white. You can have the nicest sea-bathing of your life there and have a picnic with your captain as well.
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Walk or Swim to the Fantasy Cave | Turan Hill Lounge

Walk or Swim to the Fantasy Cave

There hides an amazing cave in our bay. It is both within swimming and walking distance. The cave is surely one of the most unique spots in our bay that will make you forget about the rest of the world.
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Hike the Lycian Trail | Turan Hill Lounge

Hike the Lycian Trail

One should remember that Turan Hill Lounge is on the Lycian Way which begins in Fethiye/Ovacik and ends in Antalya. Our campsite has been known as an alternative spot for accommodation and food on this "ancient trail" which is one of the longest in the world.
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Walk or Swim to Boncuklu Bay | Turan Hill Lounge

Walk or Swim to Boncuklu Bay

At the end of the right hand coastal line, there is Boncuklu Bay, the small nearby beach. You can reach Boncuklu Bay by having an adventurous walk on the rocks.
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