The Best Restaurant of Kabak Valley 

This season, Kabak Valley's most famous chef Tevfik Haki (a.k.a. "Old Fisherman") is going to celebrate his 10th anniversary in Turan Hill Lounge. He will be back with some new and secret and recipes together with his Mediterranean dishes that are admired.

His menu will be offering a selection of fish(mainly freshly caught by our local fisherman) and meat dishes. His trademark dish "Wild Boar Goulash" will remain as one of the highlights of the menu this year again. Last year he was quite successfull with his  "Wild Boar meatballs" and "Wild Boar fumet" as well.

Together with its sea-food and meat specialties, our restaurant will also keep fulfilling its duty as "The Vegetarians' Heaven" 

There will be a large variety of dishes to the utmost satisfaction of vegetarians and vegans including :

  • Hummus Wrap: with home-made hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh onions
  • Gourmet Salad: Seasonal green salad with walnuts, tropical fruits, parmesan cheese and capers; dressed with avocado sauce
  • Menemen: Traditional Turkish omelette with fried peppers and tomatoes
  • Vegetarian Manti with Garlicy Yoghurt: Ottoman dumplings filled with soya beans; dressed with garlicy yoghurt and spicy olive oil.
  • Fried Aubergine with Garlicy Yoghurt

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