The Magic of Fresh Spring in Kabak

The year 2018 and once again with April's arrival, magic of spring has begun to settle on The Kabak Valley. 

We arrived to find the cactuses have doubled their residence. We recieved the most rain we did in the last ten tears so the Valley is greener than ever and the neighboring waterfall is at its fullest giving light and life to the valley.

It is so peaceful to sit on the open lounge area, watch the view and listen to the sound of the stream finding its way all the way from the mountain top to the sea. 

The sun is painting the sea a glimmer of gold for the eyes to feast upon, as the waves seam to be calmer by day. The slight breeze carries scents of pine and flowers and Turan Abi is dancing with the butterflies and talking of love.

Of cource we are as busy as the bees. Our 5 brand new bamboo houses with private roof terraces are almost ready. We enlarged the balconies of the old houses and planted lots of new flowers. The natural spring water pool is already filled. Our first guests arrived late March. They enjoyed the hiking to the waterfalls in the rain and went swimming on the sunny days.

At Turan Hill Lounge we are looking forward to making new friends this year, as well as seeing the old ones again.

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